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Download the Latest VU Mid-Term Solved Past Papers

Now that the midterm is over, here are some past papers of VU for you to practice on. These solved past papers will help you understand your mistakes and what areas to focus on to do better in your exams next term. Download these solved mid-term papers by clicking below.

VU Mid-Term  Solved Past Papers

Here is the list of all subjects VU midterm past papers. To download these past papers, click on the download button.

Past papers  of computer science (CS)




Fundamentals of Auditing and Business Finance (ACC)


Economics (ECO)


Financial Statement Analysis (FIN)

Human Resource Management (HRM)

Islamiyat (ISL)

Information Technology (IT)

Mass Communication (MCM)

Management Skills (MGMT)

Principle of Management (MGT)

International Marketing (MKT)

Pak Study (PAK)

Physics (PHY)

Social Psychology (PSY)

Introduction to Sociology (SOC)

Statistics and Probability(STA)

How to Prepare for VU Midterm exams?

Midterms are the most important papers to get good grades in the final term and move on. They are worth the most out of any other test and comprise 40% of your final mark. Here’s why you should be well-prepared for these exams.

The midterm exam is at the halfway point of the VU final term exams. No matter what subject you are studying, you need to take the tests & answer important questions. You should work hard to do well on the midterm.

1. The first step to Watch Videos for Midterms

Watch video lectures to help you prepare for your midterm papers! By paying close attention, it will be easy to learn more. If there’s something unclear, re-watch the lecture or ask a tutor online via chat. Similar, the first 22 video lectures include in midterm exams.

2. Get exclusive access to handouts of every subject

You can download handouts for your course from the Go Study Material. They are perfect reading material because they cover every topic in detail. It is also easy to read and memorize. Printing them out makes studying easier too!

3. Solved Past Papers for Mid Term Exams

One of the best ways to prepare for midterm exams is by reviewing past papers. You can download them from your Website. Look at some old midterm papers to get an idea of how the papers will look. In most cases, you’ll get similar questions in exams as you did in past exams. These questions will help you to get better grades.

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